Best Chocolate Dessert 2019


More than 2000 years old, cocoa, which was first discovered in Central America, has now become the staple ingredient in many popular desserts we have the pleasure of enjoying today. Rich and dense chocolate cake, light and foamy mousse and creamy and full-flavored chocolate cheesecakes all require this ancient ingredient. At Jessica Pastries, we love creating chocolate desserts to satisfy our chocoholic customers’ sweet tooth. This is why we use the very best chocolate and cocoa products in our creations. 

Discover 5 of our best chocolate desserts that are sure to fly off your shelves.

Characteristics of Chocolate

First, it is important to know that there are three types of chocolate:

1. Milk chocolate

2. Dark chocolate

3. White chocolate

The difference between the three is the percentage of sugar as well as the percentage of cocoa powder. For example white chocolate is a composition of sugar, milk, cocoa butter but does not contain any cocoa powder. Dark chocolate can have a varying range of cocoa powder percentage. The higher the percentage, the more bitter the chocolate will be. Chocolate is one of the most used ingredients in pastry cooking. It adds a rich texture, a certain consistency and, of course, a great taste. It’s the base of many desserts, and sometimes there are some in recipes you wouldn’t suspect. For example: White chocolate helps us at Jessica Pastries a lot with the consistency of our glazes since we use it to make the glaze more dense and non-transparent. It also takes the role of the gelatine. The quality of the chocolate is also very important when baking. In a lesser quality chocolate, you can find other ingredients like palm oil for example, which is used to recreate the texture of cocoa butter. Cheaper, these inferior types of chocolate really lower the quality of the desserts. Jessica Pastries, we bake with BARRY-CALLEBAUT chocolate, a world-leading chocolate supplier that has been producing chocolate for over 175 years. Their chocolate is of great quality and they have a wide range of variety of chocolates we can use. For example we use the INAYA chocolate, which has some fruity flavors. We also use GRAND CARAQUE, which has 0% sugar, only cocoa. It gives our mousse a very intense chocolate taste.

Our 5 Favorite Chocolate Desserts

We have many desserts made with chocolate but the five below are the most appreciated by our retailers and customers. We have a wide variety of dessert that goes from mousse to more traditional sponge cakes to cheesecakes… The list never ends!

Here are the 5 best chocolate desserts at Jessica Pastries.

1. Chocolate Truffle


This 8-inch chocolate sponge cake has an intense dark chocolate mousse and a chocolate mirror glaze. We create more than 30,000 units per year of this dense and rich cake that looks as good as it tastes. Its elegant look and delicious taste is sure to catch the eye of customers.

2. Chocolate Explosion


This is our last creation for 2019. This 8-inch dome-shaped cake has a crunchy praline base, chocolate mousse and a chocolate sponge cake, as well as chocolate Chantilly cream, hazelnut pieces and a chocolate mirror glaze. Since it is mostly made with milk chocolate, this cake will be appreciated by the majority of grocery store clients. Also, the dome shape is an original look. 

3. King Fudge


Another last creation for 2019. Filled with homemade dark chocolate fudge, the chocolate sponge cake is a traditional cake with three sponge layers. These 8 inches of chocolate goodness is perfect for birthdays as well as anniversaries and various other celebrations.

4. Double Chocolate Mousse


These 2.5 inches bite size mousses are a great last-minute dessert customers will want to buy for weekdays, nights or impromptu weekend get-togethers. The chocolate sponge made with creamy milk chocolate and the white-chocolate mousse complement each other perfectly. Individual format mousses mean there is less possibility of waste and the portion is already calculated for customers.

5. Chocolate Cheesecake


We make more than 7000 units per season of this chocolate cheesecake. The 6-inch format of intense dark chocolate brownie and dark chocolate cream cheese mix is the perfect size for clients looking for a rich cake for small get-togethers. 

Our five favorite Jessica Pastries chocolate desserts are all unique, giving your customers more options when they are shopping for delicious desserts to serve whenever they need a dessert. Whether they prefer dark rich chocolate or lighter nutty milk chocolate, our cheesecakes, sponge cakes and mousses are sure to satisfy their cravings.