Management Committee

  • Rhea Rhen

    Rhea Ren


  • Viola Hsieh

    Viola Hsieh

    Human Resource

  • Candy Leung

    Candy Leung

    Quality Assurance

  • Michel Martel

    Michel Martel

    General Manager

  • Cai Yao Hui

    Cai Yao Hui

    Production Manager

  • Jake Wong

    Jake Wong

    Vice President



Pastry Chef at Jessica Pastries Inc.


Marianne has been our chef for more than 10 years. Her 20 years of experience, combined with her passion for her craft, make her the great chef that she is. Devoted to her job, she carefully considers every opportunity and loves a challenge. Marianne specializes in creating special projects. Given her love for innovation as well as her desire to follow trends, she is the go-to person in the pastry industry, a pastry chef used to working under pressure thanks to her catering and food-service experience. Marianne has harnessed her energies to focus on another goal: make fine pastry accessible to the mass production world.

Twenty years ago, a motivated and persistent young woman who wanted to make her dreams come true crossed path with a family that would do anything to help her. It is a story of community, love and passion, passion for desserts but also a passion for dreams. This is our story. This video is to help you understand where our dedication for Jessica Pastries Inc. comes from, to show you our love for this ever expanding family business.