5 pastry trends in 2019 (EN-FR)

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Trends come and go so often, it’s hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s not!

From fashion to beauty, technology to food, consumers are constantly bombarded with new and improved products. In the food industry, more specifically the baked goods industry, things are rapidly changing. Healthy alternatives and more natural ingredients are priorities for consumers. They’re interested in finding alternatives that fit with their diets and values. How is the pastry industry responding? Discover the top 5 pastry industry trends in 2019, from vegetarian gelatins to adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

The pastry world is constantly evolving, and new trends are always replacing each other. For 2019, it’s safe to say that consumers are looking for healthier and more natural ingredients in their baked goods.

Here are 5 pastry industry trends to watch for:

  • Whipped cream
    Whipped cream has finally replaced the unhealthy hydrogenated palm oil used in cakes and other kinds of foods. Hydrogenated palm oil, also called white topping, is a non-dairy imitation cream that is commonly used to extend the shelf life of a product, add texture, or serve as a stabilizer. However, consumers are not interested in ingesting desserts or other foods made with hydrogenated palm oil. By replacing this artificial and unhealthy product with real cream, desserts will have a superior taste and smoother texture, and be better generally. Manufacturers now understand the importance of using natural ingredients that have real nutritional benefits.


  • Vegetarian gelatin
    Gelatin, an ingredient used in baking as a stabilizer or thickener, especially in mousse cakes, has often been highly criticized because of its origin. This additive is actually made from animal peptides and protein extracted from their skin, hooves, tendons, ligaments, bones and various tissues. It’s understandable why many people refuse to eat foods like candy, desserts and yogurt, which contain gelatin. More and more people want alternatives for animal-derived products for ethical and environmental reasons. One of the biggest pastry industry trends seen recently has been the use of vegetarian gelatin. There are various types of vegetarian gelatin, like agar-agar, a substance found in red algae that has a jelly-like consistency. Since it is flavorless and available as flakes, a powder or a bar, it’s a great substitute. However, agar-agar is more expensive than the normal animal-based gelatin, and the process to produce it is very complex. With vegetarian gelatin, vegetarians and vegans alike can fully enjoy these foods without one ounce of guilt.


  • Natural colors and flavors
    Consumers are increasingly concerned about what’s in their food, which has led to a growing demand for products made from natural sources and fewer additives. They’re tired of seeing ingredients they don’t know or understand on their food packages. Also, they want fresh and healthy alternatives that will contribute to their healthy lifestyle. Bakeries and food manufacturers now face the challenge of using vibrant and bright colors in their food, which consumers expect from their products, without using any artificial colors. Natural colors and flavors in baking is a huge trend right now and it’s important for manufacturers to respect consumer wishes. For example, a raspberry cake should taste like real, fresh raspberries instead of scientifically created ingredients. Food colorants can be toxic and harmful, especially for young, growing children. Dyes like allura red (also called red dye 40) are made from petroleum byproducts.. People now know enough about harmful dyes, so they don’t want to see any of these in their food.


  • Baking with vegetables
    As mentioned earlier, people are tired of ingesting harmful ingredients that have a negative impact on their bodies and minds. Bakeries and food manufacturers are increasingly being asked to include vegetables in their desserts to create healthier alternatives. Healthy and trendy ingredients, such as quinoa, seeds and vegetables, can add amazing color and texture to a dessert. At Jessica Pastries Inc., we have explored baking with avocado, sweet potatoes, beets and quinoa to create new and out-of-the-ordinary creations. By 2019, a healthy collection of vegetable cakes will be available. People looking to eat healthier don’t have to skip dessert if they feel like something sweet and delicious.


  • Zero waste
    It comes as no surprise that consumers are looking to reduce waste when buying packaged products. We are increasingly conscious of how much plastic is damaging our planet. It fills our oceans and land, and takes hundreds of years to fully disintegrate. For example, plastic straws are a very hot topic right now. Many restaurants and big chains like Starbucks want to ban straws. As a dessert manufacturer, it’s important to respect the environment and consumer wishes for less waste. Companies like Protec, for example, recover and recycle output gaps from various industries to significantly reduce waste. At Jessica Pastries Inc., we believe it’s important to recycle and give back to our community. We donate cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and metal and plastic film instead of throwing them out to ensure that we waste the least amount of materials possible.


As you can see, these pastry industry trends are in tune with the times. Healthier and more natural options are offered so that consumers can enjoy nutritious, yet decadent, desserts. Customers aren’t interested in buying a dessert filled with artificial flavors and coloring. Visit our website to learn more about how we ensure delicious and high quality desserts.