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Since 2018, we have the chance to work in collaboration with Trois fois par jour, a company whose mission is to transform people’s relationship with food for the better by emphasizing balance, simplicity and the pleasure of eating well. Marilou, the founder of Trois fois par jour, work side by side to create unique and delicious desserts that are sure to stand out. In the last two years, various cakes, made locally and greatly appreciated by customers, have emerged from this collaboration.

Our first creation with Marilou was the decadent Hazelnut caramel Yule log. Composed of a moist chocolate roulade with a delicious chocolate and caramel mousse center and a luscious butterscotch and fleur de sel cream The log is placed on a base of chocolate brownie and decorated with a caramel glaze mirror and hazelnuts flakes. The popularity of this log made it possible to create and offer a cake that would be available all year round, to everyone's delight: the Caramel vanilla cake. Made of a chocolate brownie base, a rich caramel centre, a vanilla mousse and chocolate sponge cake covered with Chantilly cream and caramel drizzle. In 2019, a second choice of Yule log, equally delicious but lighter, was created: Crunchy white chocolate, pear and cranberry log. Finally, a second cake available all year long was specially created for cheesecake lovers: the Yogurt raspberry cheesecake. Between each slice of vanilla sponge is a light yogurt mousse and homemade raspberry jam as well as a delicious cheesecake, oatmeal, yogurt and white chocolate crumble.

The cakes from Trois fois par jour are available in every IGA supermarket near you.

Did you know that by encouraging local businesses, you allow us to develop products that meet your tastes and expectations?

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