The Ultimate Guide To Cake Decorating

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Let’s all accept the fact that a light, moist cake is all that our hearts desire. Spongy, soft cake layers draped in fresh frosting and topped with juicy berries, crunchy nuts, and dense chocolates are a delight to behold, sense, and savor. However, there’s a lot more to decorating cakes than just adding creamy frosting or mouse and sprinkling toppings. In reality, frosting a cake isn’t the easiest thing you can do without much practice. While you should always try different ways to decorate cakes, there are a few methods that are easier to do while still making it so that your cake looks fancy and trendy like the ones online.

If you keep at it and put in the work, you will be exceedingly grateful and so proud of your little bakery and the products you give to people. In order to encourage you to try your hand at some easy but fancy cake decorating, the experts at Jessica Pastries Inc. have written down a few misconceptions about cake decorating and how you can avoid making the mistake of falling prey to them. This way, you can get the encouragement you need to make a beautiful cake of your own.

1. You have to have studied formally at a pastry school
You have more than likely been on Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest and have seen pictures of amazingly huge and intricate cakes and cupcakes on there. But, you do not have to be able to recreate those fancy designs that require a high skill level. To make a living by running a home bakery, you just need products that taste glorious! You can decorate our confections with whatever you have available. There are so many tutorials online that you can watch and gain a lot of learning from.

2. You need special skills to make chocolate decorations
Another common belief is that you need special skills or a chef to decorate because of tempering chocolate. You do not have to be a master chocolatier to decorate beautiful cakes. With the use of compound chocolate or preformed chocolate, you can make amazing chocolate decorations that allow you to skip the effort of tempering your chocolate.

3. It is necessary for you to use frosting
While it is necessary for you to have special skills or a dedicated chef to decorate a cake with frosting because it requires the manipulation of piping bags, using the piping bags technique is quite out in the current market. You can now decorate your cake differently without the need to even use any frosting. Adding toppers like fresh fruit, cake crumbs, or chocolate decorations removes the need for using special piping bag techniques on a cake.

4. You need to make every dessert from scratch
A big way to minimize labor in an in-store bakery is to use store-bought undecorated mousse cakes. It is difficult to hire real pastry chefs and find people to fill in the hours in an in-store bakery. Slowly transition your in-store bakery by using finished or semi-finished desserts instead of making it all from scratch. Otherwise, it is difficult to keep up with all the work in this moment of shortage of labor.

Once you decide to liberate yourself from these myths, you can move forward with more confidence and get excited again about your new home bakery. Remember that in the beginning, you should be focused solely on producing high-quality products and not grand cakes as you see on social media. The better your product tastes, the more memorable your home bakery will be! Talk with a dessert expert to increase your chances of having a proper in-store bakery. Jessica Pastries Inc. provides amazing and easy dessert solutions for your dream in-store bakery. As experts, we successfully transformed many in-store bakeries into highly productive, easy to operate, and highly profitable departments.

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